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  • Platting - Our Professionals have been some of the most active performing platting services in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  This includes all aspects of the platting process including planning and concurrency issues that face agencies and developers today.
  • Boundary and Topographic Surveys - Our Professionals have handled projects as large as 15,000 acres and have extensive boundary and topographic experience.
  • Condominium Surveys - The Professionals at DJG have been involved in the creation of numerous condominiums all over the State of Florida since 1989.  We are well aware of all of the documentation needed to create a condominium and have worked with numerous law firms in the filing of condominium documents with the State.
  • High Definition Surveying (HDS) - HDS is a non-invasive method of collecting data.  Narrow beam lasers capture positional data at speeds of up to hundreds of thousands of points per second, at an accuracy within several millimeters.  Along with the scan data, 360° digital photographs are also acquired of every site.  In the office the resulting dense “point cloud” can be viewed and transformed into a three dimensional model of the site.  Taken together, this data provides a highly accurate digital record of the site, with a point density simply unavailable through other methods.

DJG Surveying and Mapping, Inc.

Here at DJG Surveying and Mapping, we are dedicated to each of our clients, offering unmatched personal service to each project.

Our professionals have been surveying all over the State of Florida since 1988, and utilizing our Leica Net Rovers, we are capable of providing services anywhere within the State.