• Platting - Our Professionals have been some of the most active performing platting services in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  This includes all aspects of the platting process including planning and concurrency issues that face agencies and developers today.
  • Boundary and Topographic Surveys - Our Professionals have handled projects as large as 15,000 acres and have extensive boundary and topographic experience.
  • Condominium Surveys - The Professionals at DJG have been involved in the creation of numerous condominiums all over the State of Florida since 1989.  We are well aware of all of the documentation needed to create a condominium and have worked with numerous law firms in the filing of condominium documents with the State.
  • Construction Staking - We utilize our experience and technical capabilities on all types of construction projects from piling layout to infrastructure improvements.
  • Expert Witness Services - Our team of professionals have proven to be strong expert witness’ on surveying matters.  We combine our professional knowledge and court experience in providing quality professional representation on litigation issues.
  • Software -DJG utilizes the latest AutoCAD software to generate our drawings and calculations.  Incorporated within AutoCAD, are various plug-ins for our Leica Net Rovers and TDS Recon Data Collectors which seamlessly brings our field collected data into an error free database for 2D or 3D processing and drafting.


DJG Surveying and Mapping, Inc.

Here at DJG Surveying and Mapping, we are dedicated to each of our clients, offering unmatched personal service to each project.

Our professionals have been surveying all over the State of Florida since 1988, and utilizing our Leica Net Rovers, we are capable of providing services anywhere within the State. 

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